Environmental Consultancy

Flora Surveys

Flora surveys detailing species composition and distribution allow evaluation of ecosystem health and required management. Maps provide a visual representation of bushland quality, accompanied by spreadsheets describing relevant conservation and weed status of present species (e.g. threatened, noxious etc.).

Fauna Surveys

Fauna surveys provide information on presence of indigenous and/or invasive species on site through scat, tracks, nest, hollow and burrow identification. GPS coordinates of nests, hollows and burrows allow precise location for future management procedures.

Interactive Mapping

Interactive maps provide GPS coordinates along with directions, waypoint titles and descriptions (i.e. species name and expanse of patch) to smart devices for efficient and accurate mapping.

Net Gain Assessments

Three-step Net Gain Assessments detail avoiding, minimising and offsetting the removal or destruction of native vegetation to allow the best-informed decisions for developers.

Bushland Management Plans

Long and short term, site-specific management plans are integral to high-quality outcomes. We provide comprehensive management plans to inform contractor decisions and actions to achieve exemplary results.

Educational Programs

We can supply local government and community groups with valuable knowledge to improve outcomes for their projects.

Grant Applications

We assist eligible community groups and individuals in grant applications to help their projects progress.

Soil And Water Testing

Our experienced staff can assess and diagnose issues with soil and/or water to guide the remediation process.

Drone Service

Using high-end UAV’s we can provide a range of services.
​Click below to download our UAV Proposal.

Environmental Management

Weed Management

Using a diverse array of chemical and mechanical management techniques enables us to control invasive species while maintaining and promoting indigenous flora.

Pest Management

This includes pest-proof fencing and/or control of invasive fauna species.

Ecological Burning

Using current best practice methods enables us to rehabilitate native vegetation and control invasive species through burning.

Seed Collection

Under permit, we use sustainable harvesting methods to collect provenance seed for revegetation projects.


Plants are propagated in our modern hothouse facilities and moved to a hardening off area before on-site planting.

Broad Acre Revegetation

With a long history of successful projects, our revegetation methods offer a reliable and systematic service to reinstate indigenous vegetation

Direct Seeding

Our direct seeding methods deliver exceptional results for any terrestrial ecosystem creation or enhancement.

Erosion Control

Using materials such as jute matting in combination with planting indigenous tube-stock, provides stabilisation to a range of landscapes.


​We offer mulching around existing sensitive vegetation, in garden beds and large-scale, in preparation for revegetation works.


Our 3000L watering truck (+ pump and 50m hose) provides efficient water distribution across revegetation projects and drought-affected environments.

Indige’ Turf

Innovated by our senior staff, indige’ turf offers an effective method for reinstating indigenous grassland vegetation to prepared areas.

Amenity Landscaping

Using chemical and mechanical management techniques, we maintain ornamental gardens beds and parks to provide character to public spaces.

Landscape Construction

Using chemical and mechanical management techniques, we maintain ornamental gardens beds and parks to provide character to public spaces.

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